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Talent to Trust

Technomax consultants are not only bright, but also passionate about what they do. How do we make sure of this? We do not carelessly select consultants to become part of the Technomax family based purely on their resumes. In order to be one of our team, consultants go through an extensive screening process wherein our team not only gets a better understanding of the consultant, but also tests their ability, ensuring that only the best and the brightest are part of the Technomax family.

Dedicated resources for industry specific solutions

Minimize Stumbling Blocks in implementations

Minimize Knowledge Transfer efforts

Articulated teams in-line with Industry Specific Business Processes

Why Technomax?

“Accelerate to New Heights”

Extensive screening process for qualifications

Reliable outer management

Dedicated, long-term performance

Kick-off Projects with a Trusted Partner

Deploy Teams like a Breeze

Vast Pool of Vetted & Qualified Resources

Deep Knowledge of Heterogeneous Technologies

Technomax Enriched Talent Acquisition Program


Technomax cultivates and nurtures the methodology of talent acquisition. Rather than resorting to spontaneous recruiting efforts when finding the right hire is difficult, we balance both finding quality candidates to add to projects, as well as offering positive career prospects by supplying the right opportunities to our consultants. When the demand for a position is higher than the supply of quality employees, we step in with our solution to talent acquisition.

For Technomax, talent acquisition has never been a simple process of head hunting. Instead, we believe it is an ongoing process of cultivating and nurturing talent. We choose this route to enhance our efforts in building teams with a more culturally fit and adaptable resource pool. Better Attitude, Adaptability, Innovation, Lower Attrition, and Lower Cost– these are key advantages that a company can experience with our Technomax Enriched Talent Acquisition Program (TETAP). With the help of this program, clients can eliminate the need for cost intensive recruitment practices and build an effective, well qualified in-house talent pool.

Key Attributes and Methods of TETAP


Technomax Employee Relationship Management



In today’s world, employee commitment and retention is a critical strategic aspect for organizations. It’s not about just hiring the best and the most talented employees, it’s more of retaining such talent. Technomax strongly believes in the following TERM drivers:

Empowering career development

Employee relationship strategies

Orientation and career guidance

Talent development investments

Leadership enhancing focus

Employee engagement activities

Ethical practices

Performance Appraisals

Work-life balance

Compensation and benefits

  • Big Data & Analytics
  • ERP
  • IAM
  • Digital Practice
  • Mobile Development
  • Application Development
  • Data

Technomax's Resource Diversity

Our consultants work diligently in these diverse technology categories. We do not specialize in solely one method of technological solutions. Our skills and capabilities stretch throughout the domain.

Technomax staff augmentation services provide skilled individuals to work under your direction to help you develop, maintain, manage and support your applications. Our recruiting team comprises of professionals with wide experience in information technology industry, they understand the pertinence of the client needs and come up with resources that fit aptly – our team knows where to find them.