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What is Share-to-Learn?

Technomax hosts a collaborative seminar encouraging its own talented consultants to exchange their own experiences and technical knowledge with one another through a networking environment. The Share-to-Learn meetup allows Technomax's cherished consultants to come together for the opportunity to listen and learn about the amazing work of the strong talent that they are so close to at our company, as well as present their own achievements and completed projects!

Technomax Share-to-Learn Meetup is a networking event aimed at facilitating the exchange of experiences, technical knowledge, domain knowledge, and different business use-cases. In today’s world, the IT industry expects individuals to be well-rounded with exposure to multiple skillsets and expertise in various domains. This is essential in being a competitive and valuable resource. Technomax is committed towards the welfare and career enhancement of its team-members and is initiating an effort to accomplish the said goals.

In this meetup, individual team members are encouraged to present their technical expertise, domain expertise, various use-cases, etc. and network with each other. With networking, participants have the opportunity to connect and exchange their knowledge for mutual benefit. Technomax team members often work in multiple locations as consultants. Through this event we aim to bring together these strong, talented, and knowledgeable minds to not only share, but also connect with one another.

It is also the in effort of Technomax to nourish the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of their team members. We want individuals to articulate an interconnectivity of different technologies and different disciplines within the technology industry. This event will not only help each team member in broadening their technical and domain knowledge, but will also help improve ther interactive and leadership skills.

Share-to-Learn: October, 2017


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