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Technomax Managed Services

The fields of technology in which Technomax is able to provide solutions include wide-scale topics such as Data, UI/UX, Enterprise Resource Planning, Application Development, and Security. In these different technologies we apply our technical skills and passion for developing solutions to aid the movement and completion of large-scale projects.


What we do

Technomax is vigorous in its methods of managing and sorting data for businesses. Data is a large part of daily business processes. The information that is collected and created from each business interaction requires the data housekeeping and data warehousing for the maintenance of information. Technomax provides the resources and skill for such tasks by aiding in the practice of presenting accurate metrics, analytics, and results from company data.

A company trades in data and information every day. If this crucial information is not managed and monitored properly, data overload is inevitable. Handling the enormous amount of raw data that a business receives is a task better left to a team of experts skilled in warehousing, analytics and business intelligence.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics: Tableu

Data Modeling

Big Data & ETL: Hadoop

Data Warehousing: Informatica, Netezza

User Interface

How We Contribute

We often overlook the User Interface in many products or software until we come across a problem with its design or execution. Technomax ensures that the User Interface not only stands out, but is functional through innovative ideas and a keen eye to detail. Through testing, editing, and managing a user interface, we can help implement the right layout for your business need. Creating a functional, unified, and usable interface as well as considering the experience design is crucial to the way a business's software, website, or application is received.

Technomax has undeniable experience in the creation of such interfaces for industries from retail to banking. Our consultants are skilled in the technical code required to build interfaces the interfaces that clients dream about. There is no project that cannot be tackled through the technical skillset our consultants have.




HTML, CSS, Javascript

Enterprise Resource Planning

How we Help

Technology today drives the performance of your business. Technomax's capabilites reside in implementation of ERP technologies to bring greater efficiency and unification to a company's tasks. Globalization and expansion creates competitiveness and higher demand for new technological functionalities that ensure synchronized transactions, improve enterprise processes, enable mergers and acquisitions, manage various compliance requirements, and provide real-time access to information. Our talents lie within those requirements.

By providing the technical skill in creating and implementing ERP systems, those who are not familiar with accessing data through commands are capable of utilizing a portal or dashboard instead. Leveraging our methodologies, knowledge and expertise our ERP solutions ensure that our customers get successful implementations, faster roll-outs, upgrades, reliable production support, andquality development. We can ensure to reduce cost, time-to-market, optimize ROI of your IT investments by utilizing our cost effective project implementing solutions and by passing on the return from minimized overhead costs.

Oracle ERP



Application Development

What we Offer

Application Development conventionally necessitates organizations to spend time and money incidental activities. Many organizations find it difficult to keep up with business demands, higher cost of ownership and vendor tie-ups. To leverage the advantage of emerging technologies organizations need a trustworthy partner who can collaboratively strengthen their in-house skills thus eliminating the need for expensive procurement models. Our resources include high-quality capabilities with Application Development demands for full-stack development (both front-end and back-end development).

By virtue of our deep industry experience, highly skilled resources, varied technology expertise and proven processes, organizations can reduce their OPEX and attain enhanced agility in launching their critical project implementations.

Full-stack development: Front-end & Back-end support

Front-end Development: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server

Back-end Development: PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net

UI Capabilities


What we Protect

Among the daily interactions of business processes, secure information is constantly being transferred and accessed by multiple people. Within the industries in which we operate, sensitive and private information is stored in company databases. Knowing this, Technomax provides the Identity Access Management that is needed for secure information to be communicated. Our services in Identity Access Management guarantee that the secure information being transferred is reaching and being viewed by the right people. We help create the digital identities that serve as the key to unlocking such private information that is only meant for certain eyes to see.

Security is a crucial part of a business's foundation. IAM implementation involves not only technical talents, but also requires deep business knowledge in which Technomax provides. We maintain an interconnected interdisciplinary method of providing this security solution to any enterprise.

Identity Access Management